Delicious food, tasty wine and fabulous music are the three basic elements of  a sucessful tourism promotion. Gorgeous site with warm reception will add even further to a happy tour.


here comes the second round of foreign envoy..

everybody is impressed at first glimpse    woh!

It's really nice to have a glass of  cold beer or a cold soft drink in this kind of weather


"Dady said : look here.."

the Pacific ocean is right in front of you

the white color of umbrella goes very well with the color of sky



The director of German trade office Dr.wein is taking pictures of the surrounding of NanBaLi and keeps saying : i will surely be back soon..

chating with the visitor

Giving a welcome speech and ask everybody to eat , drink and be merry  "let's have fun"


may be she is astonished with the old man speech


next to me is the deputy director of  Indonesia



the director of Jordan


the representative of Mexico




delicious food





tasty wine( at  drink corner)

and live band music

Here comes Stanley who just got in from Taipei by airplane


Stanley had insisted he is got to come despite of his recent poor physical condition. My heart evoked appreciation goes to him for his self sacrifice and devotion. A such selfless guy ... Cheers, and wishing you getting well soon






One of the big surprise comes from famous singer Mr. Hu dehr fu

He is good and he is damned good






Miss. Hsu pet me in the back and said ; he is my secret weapon for the night . How can you  ...    

"Sorry about it, Hsu Ru"











Stanley with Angela and Kalvin







This program has been successfully carried out and I believe we can do even better in the future

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